As men grow older, their testosterone levels start to dip and as a result, their libido
tends to dip along with it as well.

According to Dr. Dana Brendza, a psychologist, she said that men cannot do anything
about lower T levels as they grow older since that is how men’s bodies are

However, there are some things that can help mitigate the effects of lower T levels.

Libido-boosting pills exist for this very reason.

Aside from that, what other things can men do over the age of 50 to improve their sex
life? Read on to find out.

Have a Healthy Weight

A bulging waistline is usually an indication that you are not getting your health in check.
You are probably living a more sedentary lifestyle or you are eating foods that you
shouldn’t (especially at your age).

Having a bad lifestyle can generally lead to hypertension, high glucose levels that result
in Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even some forms of cancer.

Having a healthy weight ensures that you are at no risk of developing the above-
mentioned conditions.

Start by eating the right kinds of foods in the right quantities.

Consider Taking Some Medications

Men over the age of 50 may have trouble maintaining an erection. Countless studies
have confirmed that at such age, men are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction than
their younger peers.

That being said, there are some medications that you can take that will help reduce the
effects of ED. You can either take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra to help. These are known to
help improve blood flow to your penis, thus allowing you to maintain your erections for a
much longer period of time.

Don’t Instantly Assume It’s Because of Lower T Levels

Keep in mind that a lower sex drive is not at all your testosterone levels’ fault as it can
be caused by a number of different factors as well.

Some of these factors include stress, relationship problems, excessive alcohol
consumption, a bad diet, among many other things.

It is best that you consult with your doctor and have your T levels checked to see if your
loss in desire for sex is indeed caused by low testosterone.

Have Your Heart Checked

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to the different areas of your body,
including your penis. Although your doctors can give you pills to help you maintain an
erection, they would also want to know your heart’s health as well as dispensing these
pills will not do you any good if your heart is in bad condition.

Talk to Your Partner

Bear in mind that a person’s libido is unique in that there are some people that are more
sexually aggressive than others.

That being said, it is all too common for partners not to have the same sex drives and it
is important that you talk to your partner about this.

Intimacy and pleasure can both be experienced not just by having sex but through
meaningful and loving communication as well.

Consider Counseling

Psychological problems like general anxiety and depression can also negatively impact
your libido as well. Consider counseling if you are indeed having some psychological