Lively Animations

The best website design inspiration that we have seen with the concept of spinning animation is the new website design by many web design agencies. We leave users excited for more, because you will see a new and innovative branded video every time you refresh the homepage. Fun surprises like this leave users every time they visit, with a unique experience on your website.

Interactive Landing Pages

The use of innovative responsive landing pages is one of the most interesting website developments of 2020. It’s almost impossible to keep the users engaged on a basic, static landing page. Adding responsive design trends to a landing page such as web animation and interactive elements makes it more interesting and keeps users interested longer on the website. The interactive and animated page elements are great examples of trends in ux design which can make a boring landing page dynamicer.

Unique Scrolling Experience

For a unique user experience we have seen more websites dabbling with different scrolling techniques. Of course the typical experience of scrolling is vertical. Horizontal scrolling is a ux-design trend which is disruptive in a good way, catching the attention of users while remaining simple and functional. To enhance the user experience, the Gelateria Amande website combines high quality product photography, elegant illustrations and animated typography. We’re excited to see more new website designs using different forms of non-traditional scrolling throughout the year 2020.

Images and Gradients

When Instagram rebranded in 2016 the new gradient logo was definitely noticed by people. It was so different at the time from the popular style but their decision to modernize gradients had an influence on design as a whole. Gradients have become more popular with creatives when they look for inspiration for new website design. Recognizing the popular trend, ColorSpace has created a website that also acts as a tool to generate gradients and color palettes, making creating your own unique design easy and fast. In the next year, we expect to see more and more gradients being integrated into new website designs, among other developments over website design in 2020.

Scroll Animations

Scroll animations are an interesting ux design trend which we’ve seen becoming more popular. Another style of web design brings visual design expertise and front-end development skills to the fore, and also increases website time and commitment. To encourage users to scroll or click through the page templates to see Igor’s service lines, our experts created the new website design. This web design trend for 2020 can be a highly effective way to make it easier for users to convert, as long as the animations don’t take away from your goal or confuse users. We expect features like this to appear in 2020 between the responsive design and ux trends.