There is a lot of potential baby gears that you can find in an online baby store or at the storefront and although it is quite tempting to just go there and buy whatever you can find, it is important that you take your money, as well as your baby, into consideration.

This article will center around some basics of buying some baby gear, so if you are a future parent, then you will need to know them.


Even if your siblings still have their baby’s stroller with them, I advise you to opt for a new one. It is important that you take your lifestyle into consideration. Most parents would opt for the standard one with all of the bells and whistles. Although this is quite the expensive variant- it comes rife with amazing benefits and the materials that are used should last quite a long time.

If you want maximum portability, you’re better off going for an umbrella stroller. They are lightweight, is portable, and comes in a variety of different styles that you and your baby love. Do keep in mind that because this is quite lightweight; it is also lacking in other features as well.

Perhaps, you’re the more active parent that wants you and your child to go outdoors more often. Then, I recommend that you get a jogging stroller. It typically comes with two wheels at the back and one on the front for maximum movement. It is quite cheap as well, so if you are sporty and wants to be on the move, then this is definitely a good choice.

Car Seat

In most cases, you want to go for the convertible car seat that can be used as early as a couple months’ old baby up to their toddlerhood. The problem that I have with this type of car seat is that they tend to be bulky- which means that you may have a hard time pulling it off of the seat whenever you want to use it somewhere (perhaps in the stroller).

If you want a more convenient car seat, then you can go with an infant seat. It usually just pops on and off with a push of a button and they can latch on to pretty much any car seat available.


This will be your baby’s quarters for the vast majority of their toddlerhood, so make sure that it is not only durable, but comfortable to be in as well.

That being said, the easiest recommendation would be to go buy a crib that is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association as you are assured that that particular crib is safe to use.

Furthermore, you want a crib that both parents can easily reach. You do not want a low crib that you are required to do a squat before you can reach your baby, and you do not want to have one higher than usual to avoid it being a hazard to your baby.

Activity Center

As your baby turns to a child, you may want to explore your options for an activity center. Swings and slides are okay, but they are expensive. You may want to opt for age-appropriate toys, but have your baby test any of them to find out what they really like and then go from there.