How to Write the Best Web Design Proposal: 7 Effective Tips

Proofread your proposal.

This may seem like a total no-brainer, but there is a challenge that comes with this. Make sure that not one grammatical error remains in your proposal. It’s better if you can ask a family member or a friend to check if it’s really error free.

Be accessible.

Your contact details must be easily accessible for clients. Just in case any conflict in schedule arises, why not propose a phone meeting instead? This way, you can still discuss details regarding custom web design and other concerns.

Outline the next steps.

See to it that you have a strong conclusion in your web design proposal. This should include a call to action for your client. Highlight the expiration on the proposal terms, and encourage them to reach out to your any time.

Do research.

Of course, you would want to give awesome user experience to your website clients. This is something that applies to all clients. However, each client also their own individual needs. Provide a detailed reiteration of these needs on your proposal, and stage your explanations and plans.

Be very specific about your unique capabilities

What do you think is the best way to communicate your unique capabilities? Well, the most effective way is to refer back to your clients’ needs, and state your experience for every item. The more specific you are, the better. You will be able to prove that you can provide them with a brilliant website strategy.

Provide them references and examples.

Give your potential clients visual examples of your previous work which are relevant to the ones you are aiming for. They would surely want to see what you can do for them.

Communicate an offer they will never refuse.

Don’t forget to include the costs and other important information on your website proposal. The more details you include, the better. A timeline is also crucial, most especially for time-sensitive projects.