Mechanical watches were certainly a thing back in the day but as new trends are being embraced and new ideas being concocted, we now see a lot of different timepieces that come with different watch complications to suit the needs of the people.

Now, although people can somehow predict the likely trends in the watch industry for the coming years, what better way to make such predictions than from the watchmakers themselves.

In this article, I will go over some of the notable watch trends as predicted by prominent watchmaking companies.

A Watch for Any Occasion

It is a good piece of advice that men should have a couple of watches in their collection to suit different occasions, but there is now a push for watches that are great no matter what the occasion is. This is certainly true, especially since the passion for watches has dwindled in recent years.

One way to rekindle such passion is to create watches that can be work on any occasion that will definitely complement what the bearer is wearing at the time.

Sure, dress watches would always look great on a formal suit but what about for casual affairs? Probably, not so much.

The Rise of Rose Gold

Warm colors are also making a huge splash in the watchmaking industry as well. People really love the color Rose gold and it is certainly going to be the color of choice moving forward.

Its warm tone then contrasted with other colors is something to watch out for in the coming years.

The Use of Unique Colors

When you are looking for a watch, you typically already know what colors to expect. Most of the colors that are being used in watches nowadays include rose gold, black, blue, and white. However, large watchmaking brands are already looking at different colors that they can use on their future watches.

According to Kikuo Ibe, founder of Casio’s G-shock line of watches, although colors like black or white are certainly going to be used still, watchmaking companies are looking to diversify their timepieces by also adding in some new colors into the mix. It may not have new colors used predominantly, but it will certainly be the case for the watch’s accents.

Smaller Watches Making a Big Comeback

Sure, wearing oversized watches may have become a thing for a few years now, but according to watchmaking companies, smaller watches are making a huge comeback.

You see, smaller watches were actually the standard back in the 50s and 60s and that is because back then, a watch is simply an accessory that helps tell the time.

Women have no problems wearing smaller watches but it can certainly be an issue to a man. Still, 36-42mm watches are going to make a huge splash in the coming years, though for people that want bigger watches, they are still going to be quite popular so no one should be worried about them going away anytime soon.