Sex Toys Are Designed for Females?

Now, let’s clear up the most common mistake straight away. Sex toys do not substitute for sexual intimacy with another person. In fact, if you have a boyfriend who is dubious about your sex toys, he is completely off the point.

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Any sex toy maker will tell you that sex devices are not designed to replace humans. Even those painstakingly crafted by women from firms such as our very own V for Vibes aren’t intended to replace human contact. There is just no way for synthetic artificial flesh to match the genuine human experience of having loving fingers on your chest or spending quality time with somebody you actually love or desire.


And, to be honest, if your spouse is afraid of your sex toy collection, it tells a lot about their feelings of worthlessness more than anything else.

Being truly in touch with how ones body feels is an essential part of the sexual liberation. And that is exactly what sex toys assist ladies all around the world in doing. Sex toys allow women to feel their bodies in more invigorated ways, on their own terms, when they want, however they want, and for as long as they want.

And sex toys allow a woman to express themselves in a number of ways. They may learn of themselves and their bodies in more sophisticated ways this way. Are you a sucking girl or a penetration girl? That’s a component of your sexual preference that sex toys let women discover on their own.


What Happens Whenever Women Are Happy With Sex Toys?


While using sex toys with a partner is fantastic, some of the enjoyment that comes from sex allows women to practically take the sexual matters of bedroom into their own hands. And for women who have been victims of men’s desires, whether through sexual misconduct, assault, or worse, this can be extremely healing.


Being able to sexually connect with your body on your own terms is more than an incredible high; it’s deeply empowering. It’s taking back control of your body and your pleasure. And sexual healing at that level is critical to the sexual freedom struggle.

Famous sex toys shop in Malaysia


Masturbation powers are shared by sexual healing practitioners. Trauma therapist LeChae Motley discusses the importance of self-paced self-pleasure in the healing journey for ladies.

Masturbation can aid by fostering a “survivor-centered” mindset. And when you combine play with a sex toy, you have even another instrument in your armory that you can use on your own terms. Women should just use sex toys if you want and Famous sex toys shop in Malaysia is Secret Cherry. 


Sexual recovery isn’t a straight line. A single joyous self-love session is unlikely to suffice. However, as we keep practicing loving ourself with sex toys, we are making strides toward sexual liberty. Women feel empowered when they have the skills they need to recover and move on from sexual trauma.


A Woman Who Has Been Healed Is A Strength To Be Deemed With

“But, but, but—women are already powerful!” some argue. I understand. This is an argument I’ve heard before. That women, whether they want to be corporate lawyers or stay-at-home mothers, are already extremely powerful. Sexual emancipation isn’t essential since the males in their life already adore, value, and defend them. And, while women are strong, leaving sexual autonomy out of the discussion is a critical blunder.

Sex Toys

Nothing compares to a woman’s ability to care for the entire globe. At the end of a day, we are really the world’s mothers. When someone gets a skinned knee, we are the first to arrive. Even those of us who work in male-dominated fields can attest to how they continue to act as the office peacemaker. That nurturing energy of womanhood is quite potent. So, let them embrace sex toys.