Are you looking for the best hosting service for your online business? You can choose between two kinds of servers–dedicated and shared hosting.

What is dedicated server web hosting? Through this, users can locate each data and file that he owns, using all the server resources. It is suitable for companies with big websites which are very much loaded with hundreds of links, pages and images. This can address loading time for every web page.

What about for companies with much smaller websites, and limited visitors? Shared server is a better option for them. It’s cost is around 20% to 40% lower compared to that of dedicated hosting servers. If you are just starting out, this can help you save lots of money.

Below are the key differences between the two kinds

1. The amount of websites they are supporting

Dedicated server

: Allotted for a single website.

Shared server

: The very same server is shared across multiple users, and not limited to around two users only.

2. IP Address

Dedicated server: Users are given their own IP addresses.

Shared server

: It is very common to have users on shared hosting servers share the same exact IP address with other websites sharing the same servers. A big risk is involved in sharing the same IP among websites and computers.

3. Hosting Services Curse

Dedicated server: The cost is higher because the user shoulders the entire server cost.
Shared server: This is a lot cheaper compared to dedicated servers. The cost is shared with other users on the server itself.