So, you want to give your website a new look? If you want to dominate the digital landscape by stepping up your strategy and design game, you need to address your design choices. Below are some of the components that should influence the direction and purpose of your design.

The User

In the field of website design, the user is always right. Think of them designing web pages. Don’t design it for yourself, design it for them. Users must influence everything, from the color palette and font choices to image choices and page lengths.


When you pay an experienced team to work on your website, they do everything for you. They take care of all the mockups, wireframes and strategies. This also means that the scope of your project can inflate. But, how much are you actually willing to pay for this project? Think about the price.

Browsers or Devices

Before integrating new elements and features on your website, you must know where the bulk of your users are browsing tour website. If most of them are using Internet Explorer, or browsing mostly on mobile, then limit the bounds of what can be done.


At times, it’s crucial to integrate a user experience that is similar to your competitors. Look into their styles and strategies. If you think they are doing something special, never feel obligated to accomplish something different.

Brand Recognition

Users must always remember your brand, and your offerings. Keep in mind that every detail that you incorporate in your pages is a reflection of your brand and business. Each element must speak according to your own style and brand.

Page Load Speed

Intense functionality and animated features can bog down your loading speed. It may look amazing and cool, but it can negatively impact your website speed. It’s not worth it. Always ask your website developer to prioritise load speed.