You have a feeling she or he is the one. Your connection has been going on for a few years. You’re too familiar with one another. You are aware of your partner’s weaknesses and strengths, and she or he is aware of yours. You’ve had to go through achievements and downfalls, positive and negative. You’re now both willing to take your connection to the next stage. With over half of married couples divorcing, marriage is undeniably a serious matter that demands careful consideration. So, before you start a family, here are some things to think about:


  • Bill sharing and bank accounts

Will you open a joint bank account? Maintain separate accounts? Both? And which accounts will pay which bills? Will you each contribute a specific proportion of your earnings to shared expenses? Do you still have a rainy-day fund? What if one individual is unable to work or chooses to remain at home with the children? What are your plans for funding that?


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  • Commitment

While love might be ephemeral, commitment is a pledge to continue loving one another. Commitment entails remaining at your spouse’s side regardless of the circumstances. It entails being with your spouse through “ups and downs.” When you’re not emotionally, physically, and spiritually dedicated to your spouse, you should reevaluate your decision to marry. The question of whether two individuals are devoted to one another is at the high of the listing of topics couples should discuss before getting married.


  • Your partner’s family

You most likely know your spouse far too well. But how familiar are you with his or her relatives? What was your spouse like as a child? What are the beliefs, customs, as well as values that their family adheres to? Many problems or troubles that a person experienced as a child can return in her or his marriage. Understanding these topics allows you to set realistic expectations while also developing a greater degree of trust and respect between the both of you.


  • Sex

Do you want to spend your entire life having orgasms and sleeping with only one person? Can you be delighted and pleased while doing so? If not, you should consider an open relationship, tactics for keeping the fire going, or deferring marriage until the thought of monogamy isn’t a prison for you.


  • Children

While everyone wishes to marry and start a family, some people choose not to have children. Your partner could be one of them, and you won’t know until you bring it up. The topic of children is at the top of the list of things couples should discuss before getting married. This issue has the potential to become a major worry in the future. You should also not marry your partner with the expectation that they may change their mind later.


  • Your personal objectives and professional ambition

Just because you’ve married doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your personal goals. Maybe your partner wants to continue working in a web design company in Malaysia but you want to start a business. It is critical to discuss sensitive issues like this before getting married. Determine how you will pay the bills, especially if you have children. When two of you are encouraging of each other, you may both grow as a couple and as individuals.