We all have something we love and sometimes this love can lead to addiction. Addiction is when we are addicted to something and we constantly need them to feel alive. Most addictions will need to be treated with professional help and today we will discover what are the types of addictions. 

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Gambling Addiction


It all started with fun and a slot online gamble Malaysia and it will lead to a more serious problem. Gambling addiction is the one that is most similar to drug and alcohol addiction. And you will be spending a lot of money on gambling and this can lead to a more serious problem like stealing or making a loan from a loan shark. 


Sex Addiction 


Too much of something is never good and it goes the same thing as sex. Sex is supposed to be something that we do with someone that we loved and feel comfortable with but, someone that suffered from sex addiction will not care about that. They will do whatever and find whoever to satisfied their needs and not practicing safe sex can lead to different types of STDS. Furthermore, the signs of sex addiction are extremely similar to those of traditional addictions, such as a lack of control and a disregard for risks and consequences.


Internet Addiction


This is an addiction that we all can relate with especially the younger generations. Not being able to check our phones for a couple of hours can make us feel anxious. However, this addiction doesn’t consider a serious addiction that needs professional treatment, however, for some people, this might be an issue when there is a lack of control, as well as bad implications at home and at work. 


Shopping Addiction 


We all have heard about the term “shopaholic” this is a serious issue where someone has no control when it comes to shopping. They will buy whatever they like without thinking twice and this can cause bankruptcy or be in debt with the bank. Just like the movie shopaholic, there is a way to solve this addiction and one of the ways is by going to a support group and get the support you need to overcome this addiction. 


Binge Eating 


Binge eating is one of the common eating disorders that most people suffered and this problem is when they have no control over what they are eating. Eating to cope with emotions, overeating while alone, and feeling guilty after a binge are all symptoms. Eating disorders have no known cause, although they are most likely connected to depression rather than addiction.


Substance Addiction 


Drug and alcohol addiction is separate from the others on this list that’s because the drugs that are consumed or injected have a direct effect on the brain and body of the person. Drug abuse may be both a psychological and a physical problem, which is why many substance abuse treatment programs provide a medical factor in their treatment plans. Not treating this addiction can lead to a serious disease that can cause fatal.