Why Do People Use the Internet? Here’s Why

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The internet isn’t something that is peculiar to us. In fact, it is like a lifesaver and has become a part of our lives. If we talk about the reasons why we use the internet, it will never end as there are countless reasons why. Today, we are going to reveal the main reasons the internet is used and why people seem unable to part with it. But first, check out tm unifi for more information about the internet and the plans they offer. Alright, back to our topic, we will unravel the reasons now and make sure to read this post until the end. 

What is the Internet for? 

This isn’t a legit question. We all know what are the reasons we use the internet on daily basis. These are the main reasons why the internet is still and will always be relevant:

  • The Best Way to Get Information

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The internet has functioned as a tool to get information for so many years. This is one of the main purposes of people using the internet. Can you imagine having to look for information that you need by going through thick books? That is very a century ago. 

  • Connects People Across the World

The internet is widely used all over the world. It connects people from different parts of the world. The internet is used to connect people to their family and friends. It would be difficult to imagine if there was no internet and we have to use methods like the olden ways. 

  • One of the Ways to Get Entertainment 

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We have plenty of streaming platforms and social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These applications would require you to have an internet connection for them to be used. Netflix, one of the biggest streaming platforms are being used by 221.64 million people all over the world. If the internet doesn’t exist, we might not get to stream our favourite series and movies anymore. Most probably we would just watch the television. 

  • To Be Updated With Current News and Trends

Sometimes, we can gain news and trends a lot faster from social media rather than the news on televisions. This news is being updated to us with the help of the internet. Do any of you still remember about flood incident that happened last year? On Twitter, Malaysians came up with the hashtag #DaruratBanjir to spread awareness and to get help for those who are affected. It is proven that the power of the internet cannot be questioned anymore. 

  • Help in Business Efficiency

Most business owners would promote their businesses on social media and on their business websites. These would require them and the customers to have an internet connection. Without the internet, they wouldn’t be able to connect with their customers and at the same time, affect their business. It would be miserable for them if there was no internet and they have to use the traditional methods of promotion such as printing out pamphlets and brochures. 


Of course, there are numerous reasons why we really need the internet. We use the internet not solely to communicate with people, but it really is needed in our daily life. It is crucial to be a responsible internet user and use it accordingly.