About Free Hosting Services

A website owner has this conundrum of choosing which of the web hosting service providers they’re going to go for. If you think that going for a free web hosting service is so much better, that is not really cut and dry.

You see, a free web hosting service allows you to put your website online, but there are severe limitations and it may not be something that you really want in the end.

Today, I am going to talk about why the best hosting service provider isn’t always the better choice.

Not Your Own Domain

One of the biggest limitations of using a free web hosting service is that you’re not going to be able to get your own domain. Sure, you can use their servers, but your website is just an extension of the server’s own domain.

What does this mean? Well, you cannot change your own domain name to something that is really unique. For instance, you may go for mybusinessdeals.com but because you’re using a free hosting service, you will also carry the brand of the server as well. So in this case, mybusinessdeals.com would be something like mybusinessdeals.geocities.com or something similar.

No Stable Uptime

You want your website to be 100% accessible at all times. Whether people visit your website in the morning or if they want to visit your page in the evening, they should be able to access it without any huge problems.

The problem with free hosing solutions is that they do not have ample stable uptime. Their servers might just shut down without a moment’s notice- leaving you dumbfounded as to why you cannot access your own page.

Also, because a lot of websites are already hosted by the server, this may make things more unreliable and unstable.

Annoying Ads

One of the things that people dread to see is the ads. Free hosting services aren’t really free because they will need resources to keep things going.

One of the ways they can generate revenue is for them to place advertisements and banners ads on your website. This is usually part of the deal when you sign up to their service.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, your website is generally an extension of the web hosting provider’s website, which is why you will have to abide by their terms and conditions when you use their service.

Paid Services

So, what do you get out of paid services? Well, all of the limitations I’ve mentioned above would seemingly become non-existent.

You get to have your own domain which gives you the freedom to call it whatever you want. Servers are well-maintained and they are pretty much up 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no banner ads or annoying advertisements, but instead, you can use your own to help you generate revenue.


A free web hosting service is not bad, per se, but you have to know that it is centered towards a personal website more than anything. If you want to gain a huge audience or if you’re using it for business purposes, then paying up for a good hosting service is your best choice.