Why Web Design Matters

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Every time you are going to an important event, you are always told to dress nicely. Why? It is because you need to dress according to the function and also every first impression of people to you matters if you are looking to meet new people. You do not want to wear something sloppy if you are going to a fancy dinner, right? This same applies to web design. In this article, we will explain why web designing is important to your business.


First impression matters

As mentioned in the introduction, it is important to have a good web design because the first impression matters for new visitors to your site. If your site is built amaturely, it will turn off the majority of your visitors if they visit your site. Thus, leaving them a bad impression that your site is shady or a scam.


Keep up with your competitors 

To keep up or stay ahead of your competitors, you need to have your website filled with updated design trends which can be achieved with professional custom website designers Malaysia.


Save money in the long run

By designing a professional-looking web design from the start, it will help you to save money in the long run as you do not need to spend a lot on fixing/updating an amateur looking web design that you thought looked great before you come to a realisation that it is bad.


Establishing a brand identity 

When you are building your website, you would want to start establishing a brand identity. If your website has a good web design, it can help you to establish your brand identity as your site has a consistent colour scheme, fonts, layout, information and images. If you consistently keep up with the same design, people will start recognising your brand from miles away.


Improves SEO


It is said that a good web design will improve the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your site. Web design will boost your site ranking and build trust amongst users. It is found that 38% of website visitors will leave the site if they find the web design to be unpleasant to the eye. By producing a high-quality with a visually pleasing site, you will be able to hold your visitors longer on your site, which can be beneficial for statistical conversion and boosting SEO as well.


Long term growth

Last but definitely not least on the list, why web design matters are because it can help you in the long run. As mentioned in this article, a good web design will give a good first impression to your visitors. If the new visitors to your site are enticed by the aesthetically pleasing, you will be able to convert them into buyers and they potentially will become return buyers in the future.


In a nutshell, these are the reasons why web design matters. Have you ever stumbled upon a website that is badly designed, you’d leave?

custom website designers malaysia